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ENERAP is a worldwide forum that addresses the particularities of energy related arbitration proceedings. We promote this forum locally, with each of our Chapters; and globally, through the interaction among our Chapters. Thus, ENERAP works with a cellular structure, where all Chapters are connected to each other facilitating the discussions and creation of different events (e.g. conferences, round tables, networking events, and publications).


Each Chapter is semi-independent for self-governance and is led by an Executive Committee. In this early stage of ENERAP’s life, the Founders of each Chapter are also the members of the Executive Committee of their respective Chapter. Aligned with our desire for diversity, the term of the Executive Committee is of two years with the possibility of submitting a candidacy for renewal.


ENERAP has 57 Chapters, covering countries from Africa, America, Asia, Australia/Oceania, and Europe.

Meet the members of the executive committees of our Chapters for the period 2021-2023:

Chapter Numbers wdt_ID Founder name Organization / Employer Current position Energy Related Experience Languages Experience
Argentina 1 1

Ms. Agustina Alfaro

Trafigura Legal Counsel for Latin America
  • Electric Power
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
es, en, it, pt 6-10 years
Argentina 2 2

Mr. Francisco Amallo

Martínez de Hoz & Rueda Partner
  • Electric Power
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
es; en 10+ years
Argentina 5 3

Mrs. Clara Leban Vázquez

Barreiro Oliva De Luca Jaca Nicastro Legal Assistant
  • Electric Power
es, en 0-5 years
Australia 4

Mr. Rodolphe Ruffié

Clifford Chance Senior Associate 6-10 years
Austria 2 5

Mr. Emmanuel Kaufmann

Knoetzel Partner
  • Electric Power
  • Oil & Gas
de; en; es
Austria 1 6

Mr. Nicolás Caffo

AKG Advisory Senior Associate
  • Electric Power
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
es; en 6-10 years
Bolivia 1 7

Mr. Jose Miguel Paredes Sanchez

Serrate Paz & Asociados Senior Associate
  • Oil & Gas
es, en 6-10 years
Brazil/Rio de Janeiro 1 8

Mr. Alan Parker

ENGIE Brasil Senior Legal Cousel
  • Electric Power
  • Oil & Gas
pt, en 10+ years
Brazil/Sao Paulo 6 9

Mr. Vitor Vieira

MRTC Advogados/Stanford University Associate/JSM Candidate
  • Electric Power
  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewables
  • Mining
pt; en; es; en; fr 6-10 years
Brazil/Sao Paulo 2 10

Mr. Diogo Ciuffo Carneiro

Lefosse Advogados Partner
  • Electric Power
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
pt, en, it 10+ years

*Note that all our members are interested and/or experienced in energy related arbitration proceedings, but such may not be their only interest/experience. To get more information regarding any of our members, please contact her/him directly

How to Become a Founder of a National Chapter

If you want to become a Founder of a Chapter that is not already in the list; please submit the following application!

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